Zenken Stationary Water Purifier vikura (3.0L) VF-A1 Yellow

Zenken Stationary Water Purifier vikura (3.0L) VF-A1 Yellow

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Types of filter media: activated carbon, non-woven fabric, hollow fibers Filtration flow rate: 3.0 liters / minute Allowable hot water temperature to 50 ° C Cartridge replacement period: 1 year (when using 20 liters a day) Size: Diameter 140 x Height 233 (mm) Mass: Approximately 1.4 kg (2.3 kg when full) Accessories: Switching cock mounting accessories Instruction manual Country of origin: Japan
Five colorful color variations. I wanted such a water purifier ♪ It is a beautiful water purifier with a soft color and a sophisticated curved design. An unprecedented style will enrich your time in the kitchen. There are 5 beautiful and transparent colors. Of course, we were particular about not only the design but also the basic performance as a water purifier. For example, it has the ability to remove 13 items of substances based on JIS standards, such as trihalomethanes and pesticides, while properly retaining the minerals that are the source of deliciousness. It can be used not only for drinking water, but also for washing vegetables and rice water. No tools are required for installation, and even women can easily install it. (Just select the one that suits your home faucet from the included adapter set and attach the switching cock to the faucet.) Cartridge replacement is also easy ♪ * The faucet that cannot be attached is a shower type, sensor type or special shape. thing. Please contact us for details. ■■■ Removal performance ■■■ ・ Free residual chlorine 40,000 liters * 1, turbidity 30,000 liters * 2, total trihalomethane 7,500 liters * 1, tetrachloroethylene 7,500 liters * 1, trichloroethylene 7,500 liters * 1, 1, 1, 1-trichloroethane 7,500 Liter * 1, soluble lead 7,500 liters * 1, CAT 7,500 liters * 1, 2-MIB 7,500 liters * 1 * 1 removal rate 80% JIS S 3201 test results * 2 filtration flow rate 50% JIS S 3201 test results

Manufacturer: Zenken
Model number: VF-A1
Packing size: 27.6 x 26.4 x 16.4 cm
Material: [Main body, cartridge] ABS resin [Main body cover] Polyethylene [Hose] Polyethylene [filter material] activated charcoal, non-woven fabric, hollow fiber membrane
Color: Yellow (yellow yellow)
Size: ―
Packing weight: 1.64 kg
Battery use: No
Battery Attachment: No
Brand name: Online shop vikura [Operated by zenken Co., Ltd.]
JAN: 4906601002695

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