Lucifer Pure Hydroquinone 5.5% Cream High Concentration Made in Japan 15g

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  • No more concealment for healthy skin without the need for fendation or concealer. This face cream is specially formulated with a high concentration of 5.5% pure hydroquinone. Do you want to take serious short-term intensive care of 1-1.5 months?
  • It is selected by customers who have trouble such as lasers, which are costly and concerned about downtime, "Laser does not hit the bottom part of the hair growing underneath, and we want to do more serious care at home
  • This is a "point" that will become more concerned over the year as you get age. Are you looking to hide a lot of fendation or concealer? Hydro quinon approaches the corner of the stratum layer
  • Formulated with pure hydro quinon with the highest purity of hydroquinon. Our proprietary formula increases purity to 99.9%. It reduces the undesired texture that is unique to hydroquinon, and is also easy to use. In addition to hydroquinon, it also contains serum ingredients such as grape fruit cell extract and placenta extract. Hydroquinon is a component that is prone to oxidation (discoloration) when exposed to air. Airless containers are used to prevent oxidation
  • Store in a refrigerator: Pure hydroquinon is highly vulnerable to air, heat, and light. Therefore, store the storage area in the refrigerator, and the cap is closed when not in use. (Avoid UV rays as much as possible for the duration of use) The area applied is sensitive to UV rays during the period of hydroquinon. Avoid UV rays as much as possible, and apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 PA+++ or greater for a period of application and leave home. Please use it in 1 to 1.5 months: As this product may discolor if used for a long time, please use it for 1 to 1.5 months

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