White Rush HQ serum hydroquinone essence (99% Pure Hydroquinone) 15ml

White Rush HQ serum hydroquinone essence (99% Pure Hydroquinone) 15ml

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Our serum contains 5% hydroquinone, established as an effective ingredient to fading uneven skin tone and brightening your skin. Working best towards troubles that come with age, hydroquinone comes in two types: stable hydroquinone and pure hydroquinone. Our serum includes the latter pure hydroquinone, which works towards your skin faster than stable hydroquinone.


 All ingredients: Water, glycerin, hydroquinone, citric acid, sodium citrate, caramel, phenoxyethanol, sodium pilo sulfate, 1,2-hexandiol


Keep out of reach of children.
Do not store in direct sunlight or extreme temperature.
Colors are susceptible to change. Store in a cool and dark place and use swiftly after opening.

Always perform a patch test before applying cosmetics containing hydroquinone.
Patch tests:
Hydroquinone may cause skin reaction. Always perform a patch test on your upper arm or other obscure places.

Cautionary note:
Make sure there are no skin reactions after applying. Consult a doctor if you experience skin issues, or redness, swelling, itching, tingling, white spots (vitiligo etc.), or darkening during or after exposure to sunlight. Do not use on cuts, swells, eczema, or other skin irritations. Use after applying toner.

Use on specific parts of your face where you are experiencing troubles. One or two drops is enough.
Recommended to use at night in order to avoid exposure to UV after application. Wash thoroughly the next morning. ※Always add UV protection when using during the day. ※Store in a cool and dark place with the lid firmly closed

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