GOKUMIN Mattress, Tri-Fold, High Resilience, Memory Foam, 2-Layer Construction, 2.4 inches (6 cm) Thick, 34D Bed Mat, Futon, Antibacterial, Odor Resistant

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  • The unique new high density 34D high resilience material is made with memory foam mattress that is popular with memory foam mattresses. Provides 8 different sleeping comfort. Moreover, the tri-fold design makes it easy to carry and store. Whether you are worried about high resilience or memory foam, you can get the ultimate sleep feeling with peace of mind even if you are a first mattress. Floor Mat
  • (Invigorating Mornings with Your Body Delight) Recommended for those who are looking for such people. We want to be more careful about bedding. Does not match the firmness of the bed, futon, or mattress you are using today. This is the perfect product for those who do not know how slow rising or high resilience
  • (Excellent Mattress Cover) Because GOKUMIN is a newly developed tri-fold mattress cover with a specially designed antibacterial and deodorizing treatment and low formaldehyde to support your comfortable sleep
  • (So you can rest assured) Japanese Company 1 Year Quality Warranty: 12 months manufacturer quality assurance. You can use it with peace of mind for initial defects and afterwards. Comes with a gift box, making it safe for gifts
  • [Product Details] Mattress, Included Cover (Washable), Storage Bag, Japanese Instruction Manual, Frequently Asked Questions, Luxury Presentation Box, Size (W x D x H): 38.2 x 76.4 inches (97 x 195 x 6 cm), Weight: Approx. 10.9 lbs (4.7 kg), Model Number: MPHSM-01, Japanese Corporate Development, Italian Design, Final Production: China (Design in Japan)

Color: Premium White
Size: 2.Single
Manufacturer: GOKUMIN
Accessories: Handling Instruction manual, storage bag, luxury cosmetic box Material: [Fabric/filling] Luxury mattress cover: 30% rayon, 70% polyester, Filling: Proprietary high-resilience urethane foam (high density 34D, firm 180N, restored) 99.1%), low-resilience urethane foam hybrid
Product weight: 6.76 kg
Home washing: [Cleaning method] Easy-to-remove L-shaped zipper structure, when you are concerned about dirt, the cover can be removed and washed Is possible. 1 year manufacturer warranty. Includes storage bag, Japanese instruction manual, Q&A for peace of mind.

Packing size: 52 x 33.4 x 33 cm; 6.76 kg

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