Kuretake MC20/100WD Paint, Face Color, Paulownia Box, Set of 100 Colors

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A paulownia box set that includes all 100 colors of facial indulgence at once.
With a wide variety of colors, you can enjoy the vibrant colors without mixing.

This paulownia box with Shikun design is compact and easy to use, and is recommended as a gift.

(Indulami Face)
Emashimi is a solid paint that can be dissolved with water.
We have a variety of beautiful colors to reflect the original Japanese scenery.
Can be used for a variety of purposes such as painting, painting, illustration, etc.
By basically using the same color instead of mixing, you can enjoy vibrant colors.

1. A beautiful color that expresses the vibrant colors of the season.
2. FAST Melting: You can draw immediately when you want to draw, and you can draw a seasonal mood.
3. Clean bleeding: More than 100 years of ink making technology ensures a clean smudge.
4. Expressions change with the amount of melting water: When melted darkly, it is opaque and powerful to the touch, and if you use more water and melt it diluted to create a pale touch like watercolors.

It recites the ideals of many creators who seek for the beauty of their work regardless of professional or amateur.

Set Includes: 100 facial colors (72 standard colors, 28 metallic and pearls), color swatch paper.

Product Name: Kuretake MC20/100WD Painting, Paulownia Box, 100 Color Set

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