Suzy AS Comfortable Sleep Pillow [Snoring Prevention, Side - facing, Side - sleeping, Snoring Pillow, Straight Neck]

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Snoring can not only disturb people in your life, but also reduce the quality of your sleep.If you do not get a good sleep, you may be unconsciously snoring and other secondary damage such as lack of sleep will not be continued.

The cause of snoring is the first place on the pillow! ?

Not suitable pillows do not maintain proper posture, reduce the airway and reduce the passage of the nose, which can cause snoring and bad sleeping. The Susie AS pillow is just a place on your head for a quiet sleep. The unique three-dimensional shape is gentle and comfortable to open the airway and improves the passage of the nose. You will get a whole new and good night's sleep that you will not find in your pillow before.

Conquer weaknesses and ensure comfort

The 3D shape overcomes the weaknesses of "stuffiness" and "heat accumulating", which are compatible with traditional memory foam. The space on the back of the head is always breathable and comfortable. Known as the word "cold and foot heat", the comfort of a good night's sleep is achieved by just putting on your head.

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