IRIS OHYAMA yogurt maker with temperature control function

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You can set the temperature and time according to the type of yogurt and fermented food. You can make a rich Greek yogurt with a special draining cup.
With recipe book.
Fine temperature setting is possible
Temperature: 25-65℃

Timer: 1-48 hours

You can adjust the hardness and sourness to your liking and enjoy the original yogurt. Easy operation with a simple panel.
How to make plain yogurt
Add commercially available yogurt to milk and mix. Set the container in the body and set the temperature and time. Ferment for about 8 hours.
Product Dimensions: Width 5.8 x Depth 5.8 x Height 11.0 inches (Width 14.7 x Depth 14.7 x Height 28cm)
Power Supply: AC 100V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption Rating: 30W
Accessories: vessel, strainer cup, measuring spoon, lid for milk containers, recipe book
Temperature Settings: 77 to 149 degrees (F) (25 to 65 degrees Celsius) - Temperature is set by 1 degree (C) each. / Timer: 1 hour to 48 hours (set by 1 hour each) / Main Product Weight: 26.8 oz (0.76kg)

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