Tefal Pot Frying Pan 9-piece Set Ingenio Neo IH Rouge Unlimited Set 9 IH Compatible L38392

Tefal Pot Frying Pan 9-piece Set Ingenio Neo IH Rouge Unlimited Set 9 IH Compatible L38392

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Size (approx.): Frying pan / diameter 22 x 5 cm (full water 1.7 L), frying pan / diameter 26 x 5 cm (full water 2.3 L), sauce pan / diameter 16 x 9.5 cm (full water 1.8 L), diameter 20 x 9.5 cm (full water) 2.8L), glass lid / diameter 16cm / 20cm, seal lid / diameter 16cm / diameter 20cm, handle / 18.3 × 4.5 × 4.7cm, Body weight (approx.): Frying pan 22cm / 615g, frying pan 26cm / 893g, saucepan 16cm / 555g, saucepan 20cm / 784g, glass lid 16cm / 270g, glass lid 20cm / 390g, seal lid 16cm / 65g, seal lid 20cm / 85g, handle / 190g Material / Material: Body / Aluminum alloy, Bottom / Aluminum alloy + Stainless steel, Handle / Phenol formaldehyde, Lid / Reinforced glass / Silicone rubber, Knob / Phenol formaldehyde, Seal lid / Polyethylene Country of origin: France Corresponding heat source: Gas, electric plate coil, ceramic heater, halogen heater, electromagnetic cooker (IH), 100V-200V compatible (* Can be used for any heat source including electromagnetic cooker (IH))
Size: 9-piece set Pattern (type): Set Achieves the highest level of durability and thermal conductivity in Tefal history. Since it is a Tefal with a handle, it can be used freely. Durability is dramatically improved, and it is twice as durable as conventional products and six times as durable as gas-fired titanium coating. The stickiness is much longer lasting. The design of the notification mark has been redesigned, and the IH disc has been expanded to the maximum to make it easier to understand when to start cooking. ] Frying pan 22 cm, frying pan 26 cm, sauce pan 16 cm, sauce pan 20 cm, glass lid 16 cm, glass lid 20 cm, seal lid 16 cm, seal lid 20 cm, dedicated handle

Manufacturer: T-fal
Model: L38392
Packing size: 29.2 x 28.6 x 19.2 cm
Material: Aluminum
Color: Red
Size : 9-piece set
Packing weight: 4.32 kg
Battery use: No
Care: Dishwasher safe
Brand name: T-fal
Product weight : 3.85 kg
JAN: 3168430321236

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