Asai Shoten Altite Bread Pan, 1.5 Loaves, Without Slope

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Material Altite
Altite is aluminum plated steel.
It is a steel plate with excellent heat resistance that combines the advantages of iron, such as its durability and ability to store heat, and the advantages of aluminum, such as its good heat conductivity and its ability to resist internal corrosion.
Because it can withstand heavy use, it is often used in commercial bread molds.
As you use it, the oil will get absorbed and it will become easier to use. 
size Inner dimensions approx. 120 mm x 200 mm x 130 mm (Height)
Powder amount guideline Around 420g
capacity Approximately 3100ml
Country of origin Japan
how to use When using it for the first time, be sure to dry it after washing it with a neutral detergent to remove dirt and machine oil.

Baking method

(1) Bake at 170℃ for 20 to 30 minutes without applying anything to the mold

(2) Once cooled, apply a thin layer of shortening or spray oil and bake at 220 to 240℃ for 15 to 20 minutes 
2 or 3 times It will be safer if you repeat it.

*Please apply shortening or spray oil each time you use it.
How to care After use, wipe off dirt thoroughly, dry and store.
If it is very dirty, wash it with a neutral detergent, wipe it dry immediately, and dry it completely in the residual heat of an oven before storing it.
Notes Products made of steel (including those with steel under plating or surface treatment) may rust from untreated areas such as the edges of molds or scratches on the surface. Rust is more likely to occur if you do not wipe it off immediately after washing with water, or if you use it with watery items or liquids. please note.

Tinplate, Altite, Alster, and Gilua absorb the oil that adheres to them, making it easier to release them from the mold, so usually you do not wash them with detergent, but simply wipe off any dirt. When not using the product for a long time, we recommend washing it thoroughly with detergent and thoroughly drying it in an oven before storing it.

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