Pitta Mask Small Pastel

Pitta Mask Small Pastel


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The new polyurethane material thoroughly protects against the invasion of pollen. UV cut protection guards against ultraviolet rays. It can be washed repeatedly. It will continue to block 100% of pollen even after 3 washes. Easy to breathe in and does not hurt ears.
• Contents: 3 masks (1 of each color)
• Materials / Ingredients: [Body] polyurethane
• Size: 227 x 127 x 20
• Weight (product only) [g]: 18
• Produced in: Japan
• Manufacturer: Arax
• Precautions: Please do not use for children with respiratory tract abnormalities or who cannot remove this item on their own. Please keep in a place out of the reach of children. This product cannot be used in places with harmful dust, gas etc. Please stop use immediately if there is abnormality on the skin or when abnormality appears. If the smell of somethin makes you feel sick when wearing the mask, please discontinue use. Avoid storing in hot and humid places and in direct sunlight. Because of the nature of polyurethane, it may discolor but there is no problem in quality. Please note that washing with acidic and alkaline detergent solution may cause deterioration. Please be forewarned that due to personal differences, glasses may become cloudy. Take care when driving.

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