Yazawa Overseas Transformer 1200W AC220-240V countries (for heat appliances only)

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Product model number HTD240V1200W
JAN code 4966307114467
body dimensions W60mm×H105mm×D62mm
body weight 170g
Color white

●Electrical products that you normally use in Japan can be used overseas as they are.

●Equipped with a temperature protection (thermostat) safety device that can be used safely overseas.

It can be used in areas that support AC220V to 240V.

*Cannot be used in countries where the frequency is 60Hz at 220V-240V.

*Cannot be used in 110-130V countries.

Input voltage: AC220V - 240V 50Hz

Output voltage: 100V 50Hz

Cord: None

Attached plug: None

Applicable devices:

Hot curlers, hair dryers (excluding nanocare dryers), mobile irons, kettles, electric stoves, etc.

*1200W or less Please use it.

[Caution Be sure to check before use. ] Products with nano care dryers, nano ions, digital motors, and microprocessors cannot be used at travel destinations even if a transformer is used. Unnecessary use may cause product failure or fire, so be sure to check in advance.

Unacceptable electrical products:

[Items with liquid crystal displays] Electronic kettles, microwave ovens, electric rice cookers, etc. ]

Video/audio equipment] Televisions, components, computers, CD/MD players, etc.

[Items with AC motors] Refrigerators , washing machines, futon dryers, etc.

Main countries where it can be used:

UK, Austria, Chile, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Australia, Turkey・AC220-240V regions such as Switzerland, Africa, Arab countries, Italy, France, South Korea

*The voltage may differ depending on the region or hotel even in the same country.

Part Names and How to Use:

1. Insert the plug of this product into a power outlet overseas.

2. Plug in your device.


If the shape of the outlet is different from the shape of the plug on the main body of the transformer, please purchase a conversion plug separately.

Be sure to use the device connected to this product at 1200W or less.

It cannot be used for electric products that are not heat appliances such as digital cameras, video chargers, and AC adapters.

Cannot be used in Japan. This is a transformer for using Japanese electrical products overseas.

*Cannot be used for applications that require extremely high safety and reliability (medical equipment, safety devices, etc.).

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