Mamacal 700 plain (grain)

Mamacal 700 plain (grain)

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Minerals. JAN: 4952342639881

Package size: 8.4 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm; 3.3 g
Target age: All ages
Target gender: Unisex
Country of origin: Japan
Preservation method : Store at room temperature and consume as soon as possible after opening.
Although it is small, it is full of calcium (200mg/T). Despite its small size, it contains 59.6 mg of Ca per grain. Although the calcium content is the same as that of conventional Mamakaru grains, it is even smaller and has a lighter texture. It is smaller than conventional Mamacal grains and easier to eat. Calcium content increased even though it was small. With this one bottle, you can get enough calcium for one month. [Ingredients] Yakumo weathered mussel shell powder, fructooligosaccharide, tapioca starch, hydrogenated rapeseed oil, rice vinegar, shiitake mushroom powder, baker's yeast, active salt 2.3g, sugar 17.3g, dietary fiber 3.3g, sodium 368mg, calcium 29.8g, magnesium 134mg, iron 25.8mg, potassium 35.8mg, phosphorus 20.mg7mg, zinc 0.47mg, copper 0.39mg, manganese 26.6mg, iodine 0mg ・Selenium 0mg ・Total chromium 0mg [Contents] 140g Plain grains (200mg x 700 grains) [Preservation method] Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. (Consume as soon as possible after opening) Ingredients/ingredients Yakumo weathered nishiki shell fine powder fructo-oligosaccharide tapioca starch hardened rapeseed oil rice vinegar shiitake mushroom powder baker's yeast active premium salt (sun-dried salt)

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