Orihiro Pure Brown Rice Black Vinegar 720ml

Orihiro Pure Brown Rice Black Vinegar 720ml

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Domestic (Okayama Prefecture) manufactured products Pure brown rice black vinegar made from brown rice and water produced in Setouchi by craftsmanship. Since only brown rice is used as a raw material, you can enjoy the unique richness and flavor of brown rice black vinegar. Please use it for daily beauty and health maintenance. Brewed acetic acid degree: 4.5%

Brown rice Dosage and administration ● Use about 20 mL a day as a guide, dilute with water. Please adjust the amount you eat to your liking. ● You can mix black vinegar and honey at a ratio of 1: 1 and dilute it with water to enjoy it deliciously. ● If you are using for the first time, please start using from a small amount. ● Can also be used as cooking vinegar. ■ As a base for sanbaizu and dressing. ■ You can easily make delicious vinegar soybeans by pickling lightly roasted soybeans. 20 mL Dosage form / shape Liquid

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