Yamamoto Hanpo medicine Euglena + barley young leaf powder 30 packets

Yamamoto Hanpo medicine Euglena + barley young leaf powder 30 packets

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A high-value-added green juice containing young barley leaves, euglena, and lactic acid bacteria. Euglena has two life characteristics. It photosynthesizes with sunlight to produce chloroplasts, and when sunlight cannot be obtained, it takes in external nutrients to produce paramiro (β-1,3-glucan) and sustains life. In this way, it has animal-like features such as plants. By blocking the light and culturing the Euglena in a tank, Euglena that synthesizes a lot of paramylon can be produced.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Raw materials] Young barley leaves, Euglena, Lactobacillus (sterilization) YK-1 [Nutrition ingredient display] About 2.5 g of powder Energy 7 kcal, protein 0.6 g, lipid 0.13 g (n- 3 series fatty acid 0.05g), carbohydrate 1.4g (sugar 0.3g, dietary fiber 1.1g), salt equivalent 0.02g, arginine 30mg, lysine 30mg, histidine 13mg, phenylalanine 26mg, tyrosine 19mg, leucine 42mg , Isorosin 20 mg, methionine 10 mg, valine 30 mg, alanine 30 mg, glycine 27 mg, proline 25 mg, glutamic acid 67 mg, serine 24 mg, threonine 25 mg, aspartic acid 64 mg, tryptophan 10 mg, cystine 6.5 mg, lactic acid bacteria YK-15 billion dosage and administration [ How to eat] ● Put one pack in a shaker or cup first. ● Pour 100 ml of water, soy milk, milk, etc. ● Mix well as the powder is fine. ● You can take 1 to 3 packets a day at any time. Dosage Form / Shape Powder

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