Yamazen GDX-F751(ON) Kotatsu Table, Dedicated Comforter Set, Width 29.5 x Depth 15.7 x Height 21.7 - 25.6 inches (75 x 40 x 55 - 65 cm), 3 Adjustable Heights, Computer Desk, Intermediate OnOff Switch

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[Useful for all seasons] Desk-type kotatsu table and special futon set. In the cold winter, it keeps your feet warm, and in the summer, you can remove the futon and use it as a table, killing two birds with one stone. [Heater with fan] A far-infrared heater specification that warms your body from the core. Furthermore, since it comes with a fan, the air inside the kotatsu is agitated and forced convection to heat the entire kotatsu evenly. [Height adjustment] The height of the table can be adjusted in 3 steps: 55/60/65cm. You can use it at the perfect height according to your physique and purpose. [Temperature control] The heater temperature can be adjusted steplessly from weak to strong by turning the temperature control knob. Please set according to the temperature and physical condition of the day. [Product Specifications] Product size: Width 75 x Depth 41.5 x Height 55/60/65 cm (Top plate size Width 75 x Depth 40 cm), Weight: 11.5 kg, Heater unit model number: MSU-501H, Power consumption: 510 W, Consumption Electricity consumption (per hour): Strong = approx. 170wh, Low = approx. 80wh, Estimated electricity bill (per hour): Strong = approx. 4.6 yen, Low = approx. 2.2 yen (calculated as 27 yen per 1kWh), Cord: Power supply With switch (2PL) Round cord type 3m, Warranty period (heater part): 1 year from the date of purchase (For the scope of the warranty, please check the warranty card.) Any malfunction or damage caused by this is not covered by the warranty.))

●Height-adjustable kotatsu table and exclusive futon set. ● Also useful as a computer desk for home work. ●Employs a far-infrared heater that starts up quickly and allows heat to easily permeate the body. ●It can be used as a table in the off-season, so it can be used all year round. ●Equipped with an intermediate ON/OFF switch that allows you to easily turn the power ON/OFF at hand. ●The height can be adjusted in 3 steps, so it can be used according to your physique and purpose. ●Because the top plate is rounded, it is safe for children. ●The main unit has a hook for hanging the cord, which prevents the cord from getting tangled, so your feet are comfortable. ●Power cord length (with power switch): 3m. ●Warranty period (heater part): 1 year from the date of purchase. (For the scope of the warranty, please check the instruction manual. (Failures and damage when used for purposes other than general household use (such as commercial use) are not covered by the warranty.) About the instruction manual ◆The contents of the instruction manual are subject to change without notice due to changes in product specifications, etc. Therefore, the contents of the instruction manual provided by this service may differ from the contents of the instruction manual included with the product itself. The safety precautions are based on the legal standards and industry standards at the time the instruction manual was created. "Warranty" may be included in the downloaded instruction manual (PDF), but it cannot be used as an official warranty. The copyright of the instruction manual belongs to Yamazen Co., Ltd. All or part of the contents of the instruction manual cannot be reproduced or falsified without permission. You may print out (print) for use in the Products.

Manufacturer: YAMAZEN
Model number: GDX-F751(ON)FSET
Package size: 80.7 x 45.2 x 18.3 cm
Color: Oak Natural
Package weight: 13.6 kg
Batteries used: No
Maintenance: Table: After wiping the table with a cloth soaked in warm water with a mild kitchen detergent, remove detergent and moisture. Wipe it dry to prevent it from getting wet. ●Heater cover: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from the heater cover. It is more effective to blow off dirt and dust with a bicycle air pump. * Before cleaning, be sure to turn off the power and remove the power plug from the outlet. After that, cool the main unit sufficiently before cleaning.
Brand Name: YAMAZEN

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