Kao Sofina Prima Vista Skin Protect Base [Prevents dryness] Lavender 25g

Kao Sofina Prima Vista Skin Protect Base [Prevents dryness] Lavender 25g

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Product details Even in an environment where drying is a concern, you can spend your skin moist and feel good until the evening. Prevents the nostril shine.

ingredients, quantities, usage Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Dimethicone, water, glycerin, ethanol, metoxyikei hioxyde, diphenylshieloki chefenilt rimeticon, PEG -12 dimethicon, polysicon -9, (dimethicon / vinyl jimethicon) cross polymer, water -ze polyisobuten, bg, hydroxide AL , Tripoli Hidoroki Cysterarin Apenterinate, PEG -32, PEG -32, Tuberose polysaccharide, na of hyaluronic acid, (+/-) Gunjo, stearic acid, tark, mica, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, chromium oxide, chromium oxide, chromium oxide. Silica containing water, oxidation, red 226 Usage and dosage [How to use] Estimated the usage (8mm in diameter) to the entire face.

Precautions for use Precautions for use ● Do not use in places with abnormalities such as scratches, swelling, and eczema. ● Please be careful if the skin is abnormal. ● When it does not fit the skin, in use, reddish, leaning, itching, stimuli, color loss (vitiligo, etc.), or darkening, or when a similar abnormality appears in sunlight. Stop using and consult a skin doctor. If you keep using it, your symptoms may worsen. ● Be careful not to get into your eyes, and rinse thoroughly when you enter. ● Be careful of the place to prevent misunderstandings such as children and dementia. ● After use, please keep the cap properly. ● SPF is an index that indicates the effect of protecting the skin from the ultraviolet B wave, and PA is a classification that shows the effect of protecting the skin from the ultraviolet A wave. ● SPF and PA display are values measured by applying 2 mg per square centimeters per square centimeter based on international standards. Please consider it as a guide when selecting a product. ● If the amount used is small, it will be difficult to obtain sufficient ultraviolet rays. ● It is more effective when used in combination with cosmetics with other ultraviolet rays.

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