YONEX Soft tennis racket Regna 100 Model ‎02RGN100

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●Product number 02RGN100
●Product name REGNA100 (Regna 100)
●Color Black/Black (243)
●Size G2/3 (Average 295g)
[About grip size]
 1<2<3<4 (in order from the left to thinner)
4 is the thickest.
Many people use 2 and 3 for regular boys, and 1 and 2 for regular girls.
●Balance point G: Average 325 (mm)
●Material High elastic carbon + black micro core + Namd
●Recommended string REXIS , AERON SUPER 850 CROSS TOUCH , AERON SUPER 850
●Recommended tension 45-60 (lbs)
●Adaptable player ■MEN Advanced◎ Intermediate◎ Beginner-
■WOMEN Advanced○ Intermediate○ Beginner-
●Face area 100inch2
●Full length 27inch
●Production made in Japan
●Notes *Compatible with Sony smart tennis sensor
*Special grommet set/GS-RGN2(BK) ¥1,300+tax Made in Taiwan
*Special case/TC-02RGN Material: Synthetic rubber (SBR) + polyester Made in China
Sweet area 7% wider than general circular rackets
Isometric is Yonex's unique shape theory that expands the sweet area.
By making the lengths of the vertical and horizontal strings closer to each other, a sweet area that is wider vertically and horizontally is achieved compared to a typical circular frame. For more than 30 years, it has been loved by the world's top players, won numerous titles, and continues to evolve.

New dimension carbon produces optimal twisting and unwinding, achieving precise controllability.
A new carbon material that does not become stiff even when the swing speed increases. By carefully designing and effectively arranging the entire frame, it provides the optimal torsion that matches your swing speed. It increases the surface stability and holdability required for each shot, and improves the accuracy of every shot.
* "Namd" is a technology developed by Nitta Co., Ltd. that "uniformly composites nano-dispersed carbon nanotubes into carbon fibers."

◆Sleeve Carbon The shaft is equipped with high-density, evenly spaced carbon that
creates precision control .
Flexible twisting and instantaneous return create contradictory power and control.

◆Thick front structure The front part of his frame
, which produces explosive power
, is partially thickened to increase rigidity. The thick front wall structure produces power and a light feel at impact.

◆Aero Shape
The cross section of the frame has a flowing surface shape to reduce air resistance.

◆OPS Theory
Yonex's unique shape theory improves spin and control performance by thinning the shaft and flexing it appropriately.

◆Aero Bumper
The frame and bumper are integrated to the utmost.
Allows for quick swings.

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