ReFa MTG ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH (Genuine Manufacturer) Inner Care Single Item 480ml

ReFa MTG ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH (Genuine Manufacturer) Inner Care Single Item 480ml

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Country of origin: Japan
JAN: 4589760230644

 Please consume 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) per day. Formulated with high purity, low molecular collagen 160,000 mg of high concentration.

The importance of collagen is unexpectedly known.
Collagen is actually one of the most important nutrients that are said to be "without collagen and the human body is not formed."
As a representative of the shape of the human body, it is generally given a large amount of water, but the next time is a protein.
Collagen is an important component of this protein and is said to create a foundation for the body.
30% of the protein of the human body is made of collagen.

The production volume of collagen has decreased rapidly in their 20s.
Collagen production decreases with age and the amount of newly made collagen gradually decreases so it's important to incorporate new collagen from the body.

What is the role of collagen?
Collagen is a component of the body that supports the foundation and is one of the most important nutrients for the human body.
Although it has been noted as a beauty ingredient to maintain a firm life, it is also an indispensable component in supporting the condition of your body.

(Reifa Collagen Enrich)
ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH was created in collaboration with FujiFilm the world's leading manufacturer of collagen research and technology development and raw resources.
Among the rarity of ReFa garnished note, it is extremely heavy and low molecular collagen that is not normally used in drinks.
It has achieved a highly concentrated formula of collagen.
ReFa quality is a concern.

160,000 mg of collagen into a bottle (160,000 mL) of collagen.
The 160,000 mg of high concentration formula is a beautiful bottle of ReFa.
The strength achieved through ideas and technical development. Distinctive tenderizer that allows you to see the concentration.
When it comes to quality, there is a reason you want to get it.

Only high purity collagen extracted in the purification process is used.
Collagen is extracted at a low temperature to inhibit component deterioration.
In the process, ReFa uses only the #1 extraction, where the most rare ingredients are extracted.

Low-molecular collagen that is easy to absorb.
ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH collagen molecular weight is said to be easily absorbed by the body even in collagen.

Supporting ingredients
Supportive ingredients of collagen, vitamin C. Plus cysteine peptides supporting vitamin C.

Easy to drink mixed fruit flavor.

Caffeine free


Collagen peptide (including gelatin), erythritol, malt sugar, fructose, yeast extract/acidulant, vitamin C, sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose, aspartame L-phenylalanine compound), preservatives (sodium benzoate), flavoring, emulsifier

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