30 fine glycine jelly

30 fine glycine jelly


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Product Details-A stick jelly for busy modern people that contains 3000 mg of glycine and 200 mg of theanine and 100 mg of GABA.・ Three ingredients support relaxing time at night.・ "I'm worried at night, but I don't know what to start ..." It's easy to try it like a dessert! White grape flavor with a refreshing taste.・ No caffeine and no sugar, so you can rest assured even at night.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredient name] Maltobionic acid-containing starch syrup (made in Japan), γ-aminobutyric acid / glycine, acidulant, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), L-theanine, glycerin, propylene Glycerol, sweetener (sucralose, aspartame / L-phenylalanine compound), fragrance, V.I. B1, Marigold pigment [per 2 nutrition facts label] Energy: 17Kcal Protein: 3.8g Lipid: 0g Carbohydrate: 0.4g-Sugar: 0g Salt equivalent: 0.003g [Per 2 standard ingredients] Glycine: 3000mgL -Theanine: 200mg GABA (BP-GABA): 100mg Caffeine: 0mg Usage and dosage [How to take] ● Take 1 to 2 bottles a day as a guide. ● If you cool it, you can enjoy it even more deliciously. * Because it is a jelly, moisture may come out. Please be careful not to pop out the contents. * Be careful not to damage your mouth with the cut end.

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