Kanehide Bio 180 Okinawa Fucoidan

Kanehide Bio 180 Okinawa Fucoidan

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Product Details

We are particular about Okinawa Mozuku and have increased the purity and content of fucoidan by our original patented method "organic citric acid treatment extraction method"!
Fucoidan content is about 42,000 mg per box.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

[Raw materials]
Mozuku extract (Okinawa prefecture)/HPMC

[Nutrition information] Energy
per 6 grains (
1.77g ) : 4.00kcal
Protein: 0.02g
Lipid: 0.01g
Carbohydrate: 1.35g
Sugar Quality: 0.56g
Dietary fiber : 0.79g
Salt equivalent

: 0.19g Iodine: 12.69μg

Usage and dose
[How to eat]
 Eat as it is with water or lukewarm water.
● Take 6 capsules daily as a guide.


● Due to the nature of the encapsulation, it may stick in the summer and crack in the winter, so be careful when storing.
●This product uses vegetable capsules.

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