Acnes labo acne night cream and patch

Acnes labo acne night cream and patch

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This acne patch should be used together with "Acnes Labo Medicated Spots Cream". The cream dries pimples effectively while you sleep. The cream will take care of all acne from the root.


  • Acne prevention, rough skin prevention, skin cleansing
  • Contains skin-friendly plant-derived ingredients (natural vitamin E, Yokuinin extract, Yukinoshita extract)
  • No synthetic fragrances, coloring, silicone or paraben

Acnes labo Acne Night Patch ingredients:
(Coating component: hydrocolloid / as an additive: styrene-isoprene block copolymer)

Acne Labo Medicated Acne Spot Cream active ingredients: Isopropylmethylphenol, Nicotinic Acid Amide [Other Ingredients] Zinc Oxide, Hyacinth Extract, Yukinoshita Extract, Yukuinin Extract, Glycolic Acid, Natural Vitamin E, Perfume, Polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, ethanol, silicic acid anhydride , Stearyl alcohol, cetanol, polyoxyethylene cetyl ether, lipophilic glyceryl monostearate, petrolatum, dipropylene glycol, octyldodecyl myristate, citric acid, purified water

how to use
[How to use cream] After cleansing your face, use it at the end of the usual night care. Take an appropriate amount on your fingertips, put it on a concerned area, cover the acne. Avoid using it on the entire face. (In some cases, it may cause dryness depending on the condition of the skin.)

[How to use intensive care * sheet] Apply the intensive care * sheet after applying the cream and just go to bed and peel it off in the morning. * The sheet is easy to peel off, but it will be fixed over time. 

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