Ajinomoto Amino Vital Active Fine 60P

Ajinomoto Amino Vital Active Fine 60P

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5 kinds of amino acids (BCAA + cystine, glutamine) 2200mg and 8 kinds of vitamins, which are important for all people who move the body, are mixed, and it is easy to drink in the form of granules that melt in the mouth. Amino acids are the protein material needed to move the body and are quickly absorbed, making them ideal for conditioning those who want to spend their daily lives actively.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredients] Glucose, salt, sugar / L-glutamine, citric acid (Na), tartaric acid K, chloride K, sodium fumarate, K phosphate, K gluconate, Mg carbonate, Sweetener (aspartame / L-phenylalanine compound, Acesulfam K), shellfish Ca, fragrance [Nutrition ingredient display] Energy (9.6 kcal), fat (0.05 g), protein (2.2 g), carbohydrate (0.1 g) , Salt equivalent (0.04g) Usage and dosage [How to eat] Take 1 to 3 bottles a day, such as before, during, and after sports, as it is with a drink such as water. Dosage Form / Shape Granules

Precautions for Use Precautions for Use Please drink as soon as possible after opening. Precautions for storage and handling Store at room temperature avoiding high temperatures

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