Ever Cook Fry Pan Set 4-piece Set IH Compatible Red 1 Year Warranty Doshisha

Ever Cook Fry Pan Set 4-piece Set IH Compatible Red 1 Year Warranty Doshisha

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Size: For frying pan / 22cm / 26cm, fried egg / 13 × 18cm, lid / 22 ~ 26cm 1 year warranty: Absolute confidence in the quality of fluorine! Comes with a "1 year non-sticky" warranty. (Guarantee against fluorine peeling) Patented manufacturing method: I am confident in fluorine because it is made by the patented manufacturing method. Manufacturing process: It is produced in a completely different process from a normal frying pan. Customer Feedback: We have received many inspirational voices from customers who have used it once. Economical: It is more economical to use this frying pan for a year than to replace a cheap frying pan many times a year. Base material: Aluminum, so heat conduction is good. Alumite processing is also available on the base material.
-Fry pan with a 1-year warranty for a 1-year warranty ● Testing has been used for three years, and the performance of the product can be used for three years ● The dimension of the adhesion of the base and fluorine is different ● Furthermore, the alumite coating is also ● Tsurusuru (common frying pan is rough) ● Cleared 500,000 times clear ● It is difficult to get caught, so cleaning is easy. There is goodness that only people who use it. ●● Voice of joy! We are spreading ● The thickness of the layer of fluorine is different ● IH, gas stove compatible with gas stove

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