Amorphe Premium

Amorphe Premium

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Since the start of the release of January 1991, it has been overwhelmingly designed, and the first full-scale "Amorpho", the first full model change "Amorphe Premium" for the first time in 19 years. In addition to compactness, luxury feeling, regardless of Japanese and Western, we will produce superior dining table with excellent design without feeling discomfort in any space. If you choose a bowl or a pot, the stove is also appropriate. By using Amorphe Premium, enjoy richness and luxury to renew the image of internal food. 2010 Good Design Award Winner! Eco-bombarded eco-burner equipped with an eco-burner, the amount of heat to leak out out of the nabe to increase the thermal efficiency. There is a heating efficiency equivalent to 3,000 kcal / h at an output of 2,500 kcal / h, which is about 16% energy saving. It is a slim and beautiful design that has been approximately 15% lowered while leaving a traditional image and increasing comfort. Equipped with various advanced functions suitable for Amorphe Premium. One shot ignition in cold weather with continuous spark ignition method. The ignition knob is also easy to turn with weak power. In addition, a "low heat notch mechanism" which makes the thermal power adjustment of low heat more smoothly and smoothly. An instrument that uses cassette gas has the property of reducing thermal power with time. This is because the temperature of the cylinder decreases and the gas vaporization is deteriorated. In order to compensate for this, it is equipped with a "hippipy cylinder heating mechanism" which stabilizes the vaporization of the gas of the cassette gas using the burning power of the burner. You can use the gas to the end and do not drop the firepower until the end. High safety suitable for Amorphe Premium! Even if the flame disappears in the blowing or wind, it is equipped with the "standing off safety mechanism" that automatically re-ignites, prevents gas leaks, and more comfortably and more safely. If the cassette gas is overheated due to some factor and the internal pressure is abnormal, the gas is unusually rising, and the gas is removed and the flame is removed, and the lever for attachment is abolished and the cassette gas is attached and detached. Is a certainty and safe magnet type. Body size: 355 × 310 × 84 mm, weight: 2.2 kg, color: Silver, maximum heat generation: 2.9 kW (2,500 kcal / h), continuous combustion time: about 72 minutes, easy container attachment and pressure sensing safety device with magnet type , Relief safety device, heat pipe heating mechanism, cassette gas is sold separately. «Material» Body: Steel plate (aluminum plating), top plate, bombe camera: stainless steel, burner: Aluminum die cast + steel plate, instrument plus knob: ABS resin

Manufacturer: Iwatani Industry
Packing Size: 41.9 x 34.2 x 12.1 Cm
Material: Body: Steel Piece (Aluminum Plated), Top Plate, Top Plate Bomb Cabard: Stainless Steel, Burner: Aluminum Di Casting + Steel Piece: ABS Resin
Color: Silver
Power Supply: Gas Formula
Battery Condition: Alkali
Lithium Battery Pack: Battery included
packing weight: 2.83 kg
Battery use: Yes
Battery included: Yes
Brand name: iwatani
Product weight: 2.2 kg
JAN: 4901140907012

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