Anpanman Learning Chopsticks

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Chopsticks with depressions which your child can fit their fingers into and learn how to use chopsticks correctly. With a white symbol for the thumb, yellow for the index finger and blue for the middle finger. By using these, your child can naturally learn the correct way to use chopsticks.
• Contents: 1 pair of chopsticks
• Ingredients/Materials: polyester coating, natural material (Bamboo)
• Size: 21cm x 1cm x 4.5cm
• Weight (item only)[G]: 15
• Country of Manufacture: Japan
• Manufacturer Name: LEC
• Handling Precautions: By aligning fingers with the 3 indentations, the correct way of using chopsticks is naturally learnt. Chopsticks: As the tips are sharp, take special care when these are used by children. Chopsticks: Do not leave in water or expose to direct sunlight for a long time.

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