Asada Candy Zero Sugar 400g

Asada Candy Zero Sugar 400g


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Product Details

Can be
heated for those with limited calories and sugar.
Natural sweetness
from sugar * * As sweetener, sucralose from sugar is used to adjust the sweetness.

The secret to deliciousness and health
Part 1 Zero calories and zero sugars The
main ingredients, "erythritol" and "sucralose", are not metabolized into sugars and are excreted without being used like sugar.
・Sugar 100g → 400kcal Used in the body
・Sugar cut zero 100g → 0kcal
Part 2 Natural sweetness born from sugar
"Sucralose," the deciding factor of deliciousness, is the natural sweetness born from sugar. It goes well with drinks and food.
No. 3 Even if heated, the sweetness
is strong against heat and acid, and the sweetness does not change even if heated. It can be used not only for cold drinks but also for a wide range of dishes such as cooked foods and making sweets.

Its main ingredients are erythritol, which is obtained by fermenting glucose, and sucralose, which is produced from sugar and has a natural sweetness similar to sugar.
Most of the sugars in this product are derived from "erythritol" and "sucralose" and are not used like general sugars such as sugar.
Those who are concerned about sugar can use it with confidence.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

<Raw material>
Erythritol, sweetener (sucralose), thickener (xanthan gum), citric acid, preservative (Na benzoate)

<Nutrition information> Energy
per 1 teaspoon (5g):
Dietary Fiber・・・0.01g
Sodium・・・0.8mg Sugar・

Usage and dose
<How to use> Use
1/3 of sugar as a guide.
*For weight, 2/3 of sugar is a guide.
・Sugar: 3 tsp = zero sugar cut: 1 tsp same sweetness
・Approximately 36 kcal → 0 kcal

Dosage form/

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