Asahi Group Food , 30 bags of 16 tea powder with meal

Asahi Group Food , 30 bags of 16 tea powder with meal

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Product Details

-Foods with functional claims for people who are concerned about neutral fat and blood sugar.
・The 16-series tea with high awareness and health image.
-Easy-to-use individual packaging type.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Indigestible dextrin, mixed tea extract powder (pearl barley, hub tea, barley, brown rice, corn, sprouted barley, black beans (including soybeans), loquat leaves, kawaroketsumei, dandelion root, kelp, persimmon (Leaf, mulberry leaf, perilla leaf, eucommia tea, jujube)

[Nutrition Information ]
Per bag (7g)
Energy: 9.7kcal
: 6.2g Protein: 0.070g
Carbohydrate: 1.0g Fat
: 0 g
Dietary fiber: 5.2 g
Equivalent amount of salt: 0.0018 g

[Notification number]

[Notification label]
This product contains indigestible dextrin (as dietary fiber). It has been reported that indigestible dextrin (as dietary fiber) suppresses absorption of dietary fat, increases excretion, and moderates post-prandial triglyceride levels. It has also been reported to moderate postprandial blood glucose elevation. This product is suitable for people with high neutral fat levels and those who are concerned about blood glucose level after eating.

[Functional ingredients]
Indigestible dextrin (as dietary fiber) 5g

Dosage and Dosage
[Approximate daily intake]
1 bag (7g) is recommended

[Ingestion method]
Dissolve 1 bag per day in approximately 150mL of hot water or water and take with your meal.

Dosage form/Shape

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