Asahi Group Foods , Dear-Natura Style Maca x zinc 120 tablets

Asahi Group Foods , Dear-Natura Style Maca x zinc 120 tablets

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Consistent management system at our own factory in Japan Supporting vitality with unflavored,
maca without additives and one day's zinc*
Furthermore, garlic, one day's vitamins B1, B2, B6* blended
nutritional food <Zinc>
*Calculated from reference values ​​for nutrients, etc.

■ In some rare cases, allergic symptoms such as a rash may occur depending on your physical condition and constitution.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

[Raw materials]
Maca extract powder (maca extract, dextrin), dextrin, fermented black garlic powder/zinc gluconate, calcium stearate, paste (pullulan), shellac, V.B6, V.B2, V.B1

○1 Daily standard amount/2 ingredients and blending amount
Maca extract powder・・・410mg
Fermented black garlic powder・・・10mg
V. B1・・・1.0 mg
V. B2...1.1 mg
V. B6・・・1.0mg

○ Proportion of standard value for nutrients, etc.
Zinc: 100%, V.I. B1: 100%, V.I. B2: 100%, V.I. B6: 100%

Dosage and dosage
[Guideline for daily intake]
2 tablets

Dosage form and shape

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