Astigu (Cool Texture) Pantyhose Skinny Beige (357) M-L

Astigu (Cool Texture) Pantyhose Skinny Beige (357) M-L


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(cool) Cool texture keeps the more you walk. Dry all day, and make you look cool in summer. Pantyhose for summer pursuing cool texture by the consept "make you feel cool than you are`t wearing pantyhose." By the heat emission mechanism "cool energy", and deciding the size of mesh precisely, it will give off the heat from the gap of meshes and keep you cool. Nude toe, Foot shaping finishing antistatic, UV prevention finishing Back mark
• Contents: 1pair
• Materials/Ingredients: nylon, polyurethane
• Size: 227*3*142
• Weight (product only) [g]: 57
• Made In Japan
• Manufacturer: ASTIGU
• Handling Precautions: Color may bleed due to friction. If worn or left in contact with other items when wet, the color may bleed, so avoid doing so. Wash separately from different colored items. After washing, do not leave in a wet state and quickly hang dry. Dissolve mild detergent in warm water and hand wash. Do not leave soaked and do not tumble dry. Never use chlorine bleach. Should you experience any irritation on your skin during use, such as itchiness, eczema and pain, immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor. This item does not completely stop pilling. Pilling may occur due to friction with other clothing and shoes.

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