Baby Food Cutter Bfc1 Very Hungry Caterpillar

Baby Food Cutter Bfc1 Very Hungry Caterpillar


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A scissor-type food cutter that can be easily used when carving food for children on the go. You can easily cut not only noodles but also meat and vegetables. Even if it is difficult to cut with chopsticks and spoons, scissors cut easily! Ingredients do not escape because the cutting edge is curved. It can be used cleanly because it does not stick when placed on a table. With a case, it is convenient to carry on the go. [Case] (Approx.) 8 x 12.5cm, [Scissors] (Approx.) 6.5 x 11.8cm [Scissor body] heat resistant 80 F, [handle] heat resistant 60 F, [case] heat resistant 100 F
• Contents: Scissors x 1, Case x 1
• Ingredients / Materials: [scissor body] ABS resin, [handle] elastomer resin, [case] polypropylene
• Size: 176 x 22 x 104mm
• Weight (product only) [g]: 65
• Place of origin / Country of origin: China
• Manufacturer: Skater Corporation
• Handling precautions: Must be used by parents. When using for the first time, be sure to wash before using. Do not place near fire. Do not use an automatic dishwasher or dryer. Cannot be disassembled. Keep out of reach of children. Please wash and disinfect immediately after use to prevent the propagation of various bacteria. Depending on the ingredients, the pigment may adhere, so wash immediately after use. To remove dirt, use a neutral dishwashing detergent diluted with water. Use a soft sponge, etc., as scouring with scouring or polishing powder may cause scratches. When bleaching, use chlorine bleach for kitchen. Bleaching time is limited to 30 to 40 minutes, and the concentration to be diluted should follow the usage of each bleach. Use chemical bottle disinfection only for baby bottles and nipples.

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