Bakkanto Hot Aroma Fragrance Bath Additive

Bakkanto Hot Aroma Fragrance Bath Additive


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Contains lipolytic enzymes for freshness after bathing! A geranium bath additive with fizzing carbonate gas. Recommended for those who want to release built up matter from the body together with sweat, and those worried about body fat! As well as caffeine & papain enzymes, this also contains ingredients which enhance cleaning (kintoki ginger extract, orange extract, lemon extract). Produces a warm looking hot orange water color (clear orange). One usage amount.
• Contents: 60g
• Ingredients/Materials: sodium sulfate, dextrin, sodium glutamate, sucrose, lactose (milk), repagermanium, lipase, zingiber officinale (ginger) root extract, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) fruit extract, lemon extract, caffeine, papain, sea salt, hot spring water, Capsicum Annuum Fruit Extract, Carbon Dioxide, silica, ethanol, water, BG, Yellow 5, Red 106, fragrance
• Size (cm): 14.5 x 10 x 1
• Weight (item only) [G]: 67
• Made in Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Bison
• Handling Precautions: If you have an abnormality on your skin or with your constitution, do not use. Should you observe any abnormalities on your skin such a rash, redness, itchiness and irritation during or after use, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Should this get in your eyes, immediately rinse well with lots of cold or warm water without rubbing. Do not use for any purpose other than bathing. This item cannot be consumed. Should a large amount of this be swallowed, treat by drinking water etc. and then consult a doctor. The bath additive may pop due to moisture and humidity. After opening, do not put bath additive near face or eyes. Use immediately after opening. If you strongly grip or tread on the bath additive, it may hurt your skin, so please be careful. This product does not contain sulfur which can damage bathtubs. You cannot use this product on some bath systems. Please read the instructions of your model before using. For homes with a gas bath that has a reheating function, run water through its inside using a hose etc. to clean. If leftover bath water is left for a long time, color may adhere to the bathtub. When you have finished, rinse immediately. Do not use remaining bath water for laundry. Do not use the bath water to wash your hair. Keep out of reach of young children. Take care so that this doesn't adhere to clothing. This may cause staining. Do not store in places with high or low temperatures, or in direct sunlight. Do not use left over water to feed plants.

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