Basclean Kikiyu Carbonated Bath Salt Fine Heat Smart Model Package 50g (Non-medicinal products)

Basclean Kikiyu Carbonated Bath Salt Fine Heat Smart Model Package 50g (Non-medicinal products)

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"Kikiyu Fine Heat" is a bath salt that supports health promotion with hot spring science and crude drugs. "Premium EX prescription" Healthy bath supplement of "Premium EX prescription" that combines hot spring science and crude drug Hot spring science: High concentration * 1 Carbon dioxide, sodium sulfate (hot spring mineral: active ingredient) Crude drug: Ginger powder (active ingredient) In addition Contains Togarashi extract (moisturizing ingredient). Quickly super foam! The whelk foams vigorously and the carbon dioxide gas quickly dissolves in the hot water. Bathing after the carbon dioxide has dissolved in the hot water is effective! Fragrance: Hot citrus fragrance Color: Orange (transparent type) * 1 Kikiyu salt carbonated water ratio

Ingredients / quantity [Active ingredient] Gypsum powder, Na hydrogen carbonate, Na carbonate, dry sodium sulfate [Other ingredients] Succinic acid, DL-apple acid, fumaric acid, peppermint extract, isopropyl palmitate, sodium L-glutamate, POE (capril ・Capric acid) Glyceryl, PEG (120), succinic acid anhydride, ethanol, BHT, fragrance, yellow 5, yellow 4, red 106 Usage and dosage [How to use] Dissolve the whelk in the hot water (100L) of the bath at a ratio of about 25g before taking a bath. * In rare cases, if you bring your face close to the surface of the water during foaming, you may cough.

Precautions for use ・ This product cannot be eaten.・ If you have any abnormalities on your skin or constitution, consult a doctor before use.・ Should you observe any abnormalities such as rash, redness, itchiness and irritation on the skin during or after use, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. Symptoms may worsen with continued use.・ If you swallow a large amount, take measures such as drinking water and consult a doctor.・ Be careful not to slip in the bathtub when taking a bath.・ Avoid using this product in combination with other bath salts.・ Do not use for purposes other than bathing.・ Remove dirt from the bathtub with a bathtub detergent as soon as possible. Over time, it becomes difficult to remove, and the pigment of the bath salt may adhere to it and cause it to become colored. -This product does not contain sulfur that damages bathtubs and bath kettles.・ Although an oil film may be visible on the surface of the water, it is a compounding ingredient and there is no problem in terms of quality.・ Some undissolved residue may occur, but it dissolves cleanly when hot water is stirred.・ In rare cases, the pipes and bath kettle may become dirty when the bath salt is melted and the hot water is expelled. [Storage] ・ Do not place in places where infants can reach, in direct sunlight, and in high temperature and high humidity.・ Use immediately after opening. [About the remaining hot water] ・ The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but rinse and soak in fresh water. However, it will not be used for the next clothing. May be colored. Clothes with a strong soft finish, freshly grated and important clothing, and remaining hot water contain a lot of inorganic salts, so do not use them for potted plants or watering important plants.

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