Bathclin Mouga medicated hair restorer 120ml (quasi-drug)

Bathclin Mouga medicated hair restorer 120ml (quasi-drug)

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Formulated with herbal active ingredients (Ginger, Japanese juniper, carrot) and botanical moisturizing ingredients (Botanpi). A medicated hair restorer with 100% herbal active ingredients that promotes blood circulation, activates hair roots, and promotes hair growth with a synergistic effect due to the unique balance of herbal medicines.

Ingredient/quantity ginger tincture, assembly extract, carrot extract anhydrous ethanol, peony extract, ethanol Dosage and dosage ・Check the orientation of the nozzle, bring it close to the scalp, spray an appropriate amount, and then massage gently. ・As a guideline, use 10 pushes (about 2 ml) once a day for the entire scalp. (Can be used for about 2 months.) - It is more effective when used after washing your hair and before going to bed. Dosage form/shape Liquid

Efficacy Efficacy/effect Hair growth promotion, hair loss prevention, hair growth, hair growth promotion, dandruff, itching

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