Bestco Pasta Pot Red 3.0L Italiano Yugiri IH Compatible ND-8179

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Size: Width 34.6 x Depth 23 x Height 11.5 cm Material: Inner surface / ceramic coating film processing, outer surface (excluding bottom surface) / heat-resistant baking process, body / aluminum alloy, beam bottom / stainless steel (16% chrome), bottom thickness (including beam bottom) / 2.9 mm Country of origin: China
Size: 2.9L Pattern (type): Pasta pot Boil pasta etc. while lying down. Since it boils with a little water, it can be cooked in a short time! Oval pan Oval shape that is convenient because you can drain the water with the lid on, so you can boil pasta etc. while lying down. Since less water is required, the time to boil can be shortened, and gas and electricity costs can be saved. Also, the boiled condition cannot be uneven. You can drain the water with the lid on, so you don't need a colander. Comes with a removable silicone cover. Since the inner surface is ceramic processed, the far-infrared effect makes the food delicious, and the excellent thermal efficiency enables energy-saving cooking.

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