Blaune Foam Color 1NM Naturally Matte Ash Gray Hair Dye 108ml

Blaune Foam Color 1NM Naturally Matte Ash Gray Hair Dye 108ml

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Foam type gray hair dye.
No residue on the back and inside of the foam as well.
The bubbles turn into a creamy form just by squeezing them in, so they can penetrate without leaning while being left out.
Dyed gray hair deeply for a beautiful and unevenness.
Smooth, moist and textured dye.
Formulated with hair protection ingredients (hydrogenated silk liquid, soft lanolin fatty acid).

* Repair treatment included For delicate hair after hair color Repair damaged cuticles for moist hair

Make sure to test skin allergies (patch test) every 2 days prior to the dyed hair (48 hours prior to 48 hours).
If this product is too cold or too warm, it will not come out with foam. Place for about 1 hour at room temperature of 44 - 88°F (20 - 30°C) before mixing.

Please do not use while bathing. This is not a shampoo.

Add 11 solution to 2 fluid and mix Reverses upside down and does not shake.
2. Press the bottle to release foam. Make sure to stand the container and press the middle part of the gloves
3. Apply a generous amount of foam to the entire dry hair to keep your hair from getting tangled and gently squeezed. Foam turns cream! Tighten your hair without leaning while leaving plenty of hair.
After leaving it for 420 minutes, rinse it off and finish it with shampoo and attached repair treatment

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