BLKP Pearl Metal Two-Handed Pot 20cm IH Compatible Limited Matte Black Fluorine BLKP Black AZ-5009

BLKP Pearl Metal Two-Handed Pot 20cm IH Compatible Limited Matte Black Fluorine BLKP Black AZ-5009

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Product size: (approx.) Width 33 x Depth 21 x Height 14.5 cm Pot depth: (approx.) 8.5 cm Surface processing: Inner surface / fluororesin coating film processing, outer surface / baking coating Material / Material: Body / Aluminum alloy, Beam bottom / Stainless steel (12% chrome), Handle / Phenol resin (Heat-resistant temperature 150 degrees) Bottom thickness: (approx.) 2.3mm Dimensions: 20cm Full capacity: 2.4L Lid: Product name / Tempered glass fixture, Type of reinforcement / Full physical reinforcement, Edge ring / Stainless steel, Knob / Phenol resin (heat resistant temperature 150 degrees), Knob seat plate / Nylon (Heat resistant temperature 180 degrees)
Size: Two-handed pan 20 cm Pattern (type): Single item [BLKP. Series] BLKP. The life style in BLACK. The room is stylishly unified with "black" of pearl metal. This series is available in "black", which has a sense of unity, from kitchen goods that give a sense of life to storage items and furniture. The simple and practical design is recommended not only for women but also for men living alone. With the special styling, you can make your room your favorite space. Compatible with all heat sources such as 200V IH cooking heaters and halogen heaters as well as gas fires. The inner surface is hard to stick and is easy to clean. Glass lid that allows you to see the inside during cooking. Note: Rental by rental, sale by auction, etc. Please note that we are not responsible for any troubles, damages, damages, accidents, etc. caused by the sale, second-hand sales, or transfer.

Manufacturer: PEARL METAL
Model number: AZ-5009
Packing size: 31.5 x 21.8 x 11.5 cm
Color: Matte black
Size: Two-handed pan 20cm
Other functions: Pieces
Brand affiliation: Japan
Packing weight: 1.28 kg
Battery use: No
Care: Not possible
Brand name: PEARL METAL
Capacity: 2.4 L
Product weight: 1.04 kg
JAN: 4549308050097

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