Blood Flow Improvement Knee Hot Holder 1 Unit + 4 Sheets

Blood Flow Improvement Knee Hot Holder 1 Unit + 4 Sheets


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An exclusive set of thermal sheet holders that wrap and warm your knees, improving blood flow and relieving pain.
• Content: 1 Holder + 4 sheets
• Ingredients: Iron powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, water absorbent resin, salt, [holder] nylon, polyurethane, polyester.
• Size: 85 mm x 40 mm x 125 mm
• Weight [g]: 118
• Country of Origin: [Sheets] Japan, [Holder] China
• Manufacturer: Kiribai Chemical Co., Ltd.
• Handling Precautions: Do not use when sleeping. Avoid using this product along other compressor elements for long periods of time. Do not use with a kotatsu, electrical carpet or other electrical appliances. Remove immediately if you start feeling too hot. These person need to consult their doctor or physician before using the product:Those who have experienced allergic symptoms (rash, redness, itching, etc.) by drugs and/or cosmetics.Those with impaired circulation due to illnesses such as diabetes. Pregnant women. Those who use topic medicine. 1. Avoid first degree burnsFirst degree burns are causes by being in contact with heated elements and may cause erythema, blistering, etc. exposed for long periods of time.However, these symptoms may not always be felt by the affected, so please be careful.2. Remove the product immediately if you feel any hotness or any of the above mentioned symptoms.

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