BN Luminous Change for Nail Oval French FOS-07 Ovalf

BN Luminous Change for Nail Oval French FOS-07 Ovalf

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Handwritten style check You can easily create a design French nail by just pasting it without using scissors. ● Stone is a separate film. Please arrange and paste it in your favorite position.

Ingredients / quantity Seal body: Urethane Seal mount: Paper, PET resin Usage and dosage How to use ○ Before use, please clean the surface of your nails. * If you apply the base coat in advance and then attach the sticker, it will be easier to adhere. 1. 1. Remove the sticker that fits the width of the nail from the sheet, align the French pattern of the sticker with the desired location (the position where the tip of the nail can be covered), and place it straight. 2. From the center of the nail to both sides, press it with the pad of your finger to make the seals adhere to both ends of the nail. 3. 3. Stick the tip of the sticker on your nail while pulling it slightly toward the tip of your nail. Four. Rub strongly toward both sides of the nail and the tip of the nail to make it adhere firmly. Five. After pasting, cut off the excess part. 5-1. When cutting with the attached nail file Use the nail file to slowly scrape off excess stickers in one direction from top to bottom. 5-2. When cutting with nail clippers or scissors Please cut according to the nails with nail clippers or makeup scissors. ○ Finish by applying a top coat to cover the entire seal. If the design you want to use does not fit your nails, you can cut it and use it. Estimated size: Make it about 1 mm smaller than your own nail.

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