Bran Medicinal Tamame Kaki Astringent Toothpaste 100g (Quasi-drug)

Bran Medicinal Tamame Kaki Astringent Toothpaste 100g (Quasi-drug)

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Purely domestic medicated halitosis / periodontitis prevention sword bean seed extract / persimmon tannin extract (fragrance)

Ingredients / quantity Active ingredient Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, sodium chloride Other ingredients Heavy calcium carbonate (polishing agent), purified water, concentrated glycerin, sorbit solution (wetting agent), sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (caking agent), base for soap (base material for soap) Foaming agent), hydroxyapatite, water-containing amorphous silicon oxide (polishing agent), xylit (flavoring agent), carrageenan (caking agent), sodium copper chlorophyllin (coloring agent), fragrance (containing rapeseed seed extract and oyster tannin extract) Usage and dosage How to use Take an appropriate amount with a toothbrush and brush your teeth and gums.

Efficacy Efficacy / effect ・ Prevention of periodontitis (alveolar pyorrhea) ・ Prevention of bad breath ・ Whitening teeth ・ Purifying the mouth ・ Refreshing the mouth

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