Calpis protects working lactic acid bacteria 100ml×6

Calpis protects working lactic acid bacteria 100ml×6

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Product Details

It is a milk-based beverage containing L-92 lactic acid bacteria selected from long-term lactic acid bacteria research derived from Calpis.
We will support the daily lives of those who want to become stronger from their body.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Sugars (fructose-fructose syrup, sugar), skim milk powder, lactic acid bacteria powder/acidulant, stabilizers (soybean polysaccharides, pectin), fragrances

[allergy indications]
milk, soybeans

[nutrition indications]
( Energy (per 100 ml) 60 kcal, protein 1.0 g, lipid 0 g, carbohydrate 14 g, salt equivalent 0.1 g, calcium 33 mg

Dosage and Dosage
[Guideline for daily intake] Take
1 bottle (100mL) daily .

Dosage form/

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