Chantei Mapepe Mini Volume Care Brush with Dense Natural Hair

Chantei Mapepe Mini Volume Care Brush with Dense Natural Hair

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Hair is always silky. For calm hair with dense natural hair that is glossy and cohesive. 100% natural hair, smooth and smooth finger passage! ○ With widening hair and natural hair with a high density, it firmly holds down and calms the hair that tends to spread. (* There are individual differences) ○ Gloss and sleep habit 100% natural boar hair gives the hair a natural luster and cohesiveness, making it healthy and shiny. As it is a natural hair with elasticity, it is also ideal for holding down sleeping habits. ○ Optimal for summary hair High-density natural hair catches loose hair and fine hair firmly. Stroking the surface of the hair to keep the hair tidy. Diagonal bangs are also crisp! Just the right mini size ◆ Put it in your bag when you go out or travel, and fix it quickly before meeting. Don't compromise on your trip! Hair-friendly brushing anytime, anywhere. ◆ Brushes are recommended for offices and schools. With diligent and gentle brushing, you won't get tangled up! Heat-resistant temperature: 80 ℃

Ingredients / quantity Material Pattern: Natural wood (maple) Hair: Boar hair

JAN: 4901604582779

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