Chifure Cosmetics Borage Cream Borage Cream

Chifure Cosmetics Borage Cream Borage Cream

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A medicated moisturizing cream for the whole body that moisturizes dry and itchy skin and keeps it moist and smooth. ○ Contains borage oil, a skin protection ingredient. ○ It is a thick cream that spreads well, and it is moisturized to dry skin and protects it from dryness. ○ Skin roughness prevention ingredient Stearyl glycyrrhetinate prevents skin roughness and makes the skin smooth. ○ Especially recommended for places where you are concerned about dryness and want intensive moisturizing care. ○ Skin protection ingredient: Borage oil combination ○ Rough skin prevention ingredient: Stearyl glycyrrhetinate ○ Oily emollient ingredient: Vaseline, Squalane combination ○ Moisturizing ingredient: Hyaluronic acid, Chouji extract, Siso extract combination ○ Fragrance-free, coloring-free, weakly acidic, pharmaceutical External products

Ingredients / quantity Active ingredient Anti-inflammatory ingredient: Stearyl glycyrrhetinate (0.10%) Other ingredients Oily emollient ingredient: Vaseline (10.00%), Glyceryl tri2-ethylhexanoate (5.00%), Squalane (4.00%), Behenyl alcohol ( 3.75%), Dimethicone (0.30%), Stearoyl Lactate Na (0.30%), Soybean Oil (0.01%) Moisturizing Ingredients: BG (7.57%), Concentrated Glycerin (7.56%), D-Mannit (0.50%), Hydrogen Added soybean phospholipid (0.20%), sodium hyaluronate (2) (0.02%), glycerin (0.01%), chowdi extract (0.01%), perilla extract (1) (appropriate amount) Skin protection ingredient: borage oil (3.00%) Emulsifier: decaglyceryl pentastearate (0.95%), condensed decaglyceryl lysinoreate (0.21%) Preservatives: methylparaben (0.20%), propylparaben (0.10%), phenoxyethanol (appropriate amount) thickener: xanthan gum (0.30%) Product Antioxidant: Natural Vitamin E (0.01%), Ascorbyl Phosphate Mg (0.01%) Stabilizer: Absolute Ethanol (0.01%) Acidity Regulator: Na Citrate (Appropriate Amount) Ingredient Antioxidant: BHT ( Appropriate amount) Base: Purified water (total amount is 100%) Usage and dosage How to use ○ Apply an appropriate amount to the areas where the face and body are prone to dryness. Especially recommended for use after bathing. ○ When using on the face ・ After applying lotion or serum, take an appropriate amount (pearl size) and gently spread it on the entire face.・ If you are concerned about dryness in the morning, use it as needed. (It is recommended to use a small amount before makeup.)

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