Closet/Storage Mite Sheet, Sunshine Forest Fragrance

Closet/Storage Mite Sheet, Sunshine Forest Fragrance


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Effective for approximately 6 months. A mite-repelling sheet for storage spaces that you simply place on top of bedding inside a closet. Naturally derived mite-repelling ingredients and a new functional fragrance keep mites away. Usage Instructions: Remove from bag and place on top of a comforter etc. in a closet. Can also be placed inside a bedding bag. You can also place it next to bedding, or below bedding if using slatted boards.
• Contents: 2
• Ingredients/Materials: [Active Ingredients] mite-repelling ingredients (p-menthane-3 8-diol), [Other Ingredients] deodorant ingredients (green tea extract), fragrance
• Size: 19.5cm x 2cm x 10.7cm
• Weight (item only)[G]: 60g
• Manufacturer Name: KINCHO
• Handling Precautions: Observe the prescribed instructions and keep hold of the package while using. Its effects last for approx. 6 months. However, this may change due to temperature and usage conditions. Store out of reach of young children. This may cause accidental ingestion. Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose. Do not remove the contents of the bag (grains). Should the bag tear and you touch its contents, wash off well using soap. Should you have any abnormalities, consult with a doctor. In order to sustain sealability, close the door of the closet etc. when using. This item cannot be consumed. Should it be eaten, consult a doctor. Do not use in places with high temperatures and in direct sunlight. Storage Instructions: Seal and store away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

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