Commercial Aluminum Half Dimensions Pot 39 cm

Commercial Aluminum Half Dimensions Pot 39 cm

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Up to 13 o clock in the payment confirmation and same day shipping order. (soil, day, excluding public holidays) For the unused, only because it is simple packaging in the box will be shipped. Aluminum is very easy to scratch with soft material so it will look there is a manufacturing process with a fine, bumps, scratches. Top quality is absolutely no problem, so please understand in advance. Commercial Aluminum Half for stewing foods are mainly soup and curry is very convenient Aluminum Pot Half pot. Aluminum Half pans are so good thermal conductivity to become more efficient, save time and energy. This aluminum Upper Half pans are designed with bent to the outer to make more strength, not easy deformation and so on. Alkaline in the harsh ingredients that are used in cooking, such as aluminum half pans are ideal for acid, vinegar and other items that are used in cooking, gelatin and salt for cooking due to its weight. Please understand that if you are made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant and the stainless steel half pots and molybdenum stainless steel half pot for fitness. Aluminum Half how to clean your pans are easy to start the nobody juice of the rice in the 10 ND minute simmer and aluminum half pan on the surface of your skin, it will be turn black. Black color is semi Aluminum pots and prevent erosion caused by the natural membrane on the nature of the bloody things off. If you scrub, but just when you are away, in half pot the lemon and apple peels, cores and Aluminum, hitahita as you add the water boil about 15 minutes and discard it after them, sponge and rub in.

Color :
Size : 39cm
Manufacturer :
Material :
Item Weight : 4.7 Kilograms
Volume Capacity : 28 L
Diameter : 39 Centimeters
Product Dimensions : 44 x 44 x 44 cm 4.7 Kg
Package Weight : 7.4 Kilograms

JAN: 4562400942565

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