Concentrated Drinking Enzyme 15g x 14

Concentrated Drinking Enzyme 15g x 14


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This product is an enzyme drink that contains fish collagen in "fermented plant extract" that is fermented and aged 157 kinds of plants. Recommended for those who care about beauty and health. It is a stick type that is convenient to carry and can be used on the go. Freshly opened at any time! !! Easy-to-drink type

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Sugar mixed grape sugar fructose liquid sugar, Tokuno Dates concentrated fruit juice, plant fermented dry powder (dextrin, brown sugar, fruits / vegetables (orange, pineapple, banana) , Apples, papayas, guava, carrots, kiwifruit, etc.), vegetable extracts (paffia, rosemary, cutlet, purple ipe, cat's claw, etc.), grains (brown rice, green beans, corn, oats, barley, pea beans) , Cashew nuts, black sesame, millet, soybeans, rye, etc.), seaweed (wakame, kelp, seaweed), honey), fish collagen peptide, rice vinegar powder, fermented plant extract (oligosaccharide, brown sugar, prune, yomogi, soybean) , Others), Fermented plant extract (rice koji, mixed vegetable extract (coriander, peppers, yam, spinach, green beans, etc.), citric acid, fragrance, preservative (Na benzoate), sweetener (sclarose), (raw material) Including kiwi fruit, orange, apple, banana, soybean, sesame, cashew nut, peach, gelatin, and yam) [Nutrition ingredient display] Energy per stick (15g): 17.7kcal Protein: 0.6g Lipid: 0g Carbohydrate: 3.8g Sodium: 5.3mg Plant fermented extract: 1000mg Collagen: 500mg Usage and dosage [Estimated daily intake] 1 stick [How to drink] 1 stick per day as a guide for cold water or your favorite Please dilute it 3 to 5 times with a drink. Form / shape Liquid

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