Asahi Slim Up chocolate shake 360g

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A beautiful diet support that contains plenty of nutrients, and it is affordable, so feel free to switch to the shake diet.

How to use:

Hot or ice
[One meal replacement plan]

Mix approximately 300-340cc of water with 4 tablespoons of the attached measuring spoon. 

[Beauty drink plan]

Mix approximately 75-255 cc of water and 1--3 cups of the attached measuring spoon.

You can enjoy it even if you put it in your favorite drink such as water, hot water, milk, soy milk.

<Diet Support> 1 meal replacement (60g):

Approximately 195 kcal / protein / dietary fiber 9700 mg / 11 vitamins & 10 minerals

<Beauty ingredients> 1 meal replacement (60g):

Collagen 5000mg / Lactic acid bacteria

Raw materials and ingredients
Soy protein, water-soluble dietary fiber, skim milk powder, collagen peptide (gelatin), milk protein, cocoa powder, sugar, cacao mass, instant coffee, vegetable oil, lactic acid bacteria powder (sterilization), coenzyme Q10, apple extract, citric acid K, Emulsifier, flavor, egg shell Ca, oxidized Mg, sweetener (aspartame/L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K, sucralose), VC, thickening polysaccharide, hyaluronic acid, VE, ferric pyrophosphate, Ca pantothenate, niacin, V.B6, V.B1, V.B2, VA, folic acid, VD, V.B12


● In order to prevent excessive slimming diet and to have a well-balanced eating habit, please use up to 2 times a day when replacing meals. ● This product does not contain all the nutrients required for one serving. ● If you are allergic to food, please check the ingredients on the package before using. ● In some rare cases, depending on your constitution and physical condition, your belly may become loose and this may not fit your body. In that case, please discontinue use. ●The diet due to calorie restriction may make you sick depending on your physical constitution and health condition. ●If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please refrain from using this product. ●If you are currently receiving treatment, please consult your doctor. ●After opening, close the zipper tightly and consume as soon as possible. ● When dissolved in water or hot water, it may cause sedimentation or deception, but this is not a quality problem. ●Please do not use the shaker when melting it with hot water. ●Please keep out of reach of children. ● If there is any problem with the quality, please send it to us. We will send you a substitute and shipping fee.

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