Transino Medicated Whitening Repair Cream EX 1.2 oz (35 g)

Transino Medicated Whitening Repair Cream EX 1.2 oz (35 g)

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Gel cream that leads to beautiful skin while sleeping. The gentle gel cream adheres to your skin while gently melting and wrapping your skin throughout the night. It protects your skin from damage while also taking care of the yellowish feeling that you are concerned with age. For fresh, moist skin. It leads to firm and bullet skin without feeling dullness.

Raw materials/ingredients
Active Ingredients
Tranexamic acid, glycyrrhizinate 2K

Sodium trehalose sulfate, polymethacryloyl oxyethylphosphoricorine liquid, baron extract -1, mulberry extract, D-pantein sulfonate, calcium fluid, seyosheaeau-bei, sunfouro extract, asparasasas linearis extract, ectoin, water, ethanol, glycerin, orange flower water, magnesium sulfate, Mg sulfate, BG, Vasse Phosph, PEG (3) 0), cetyl ethylhexanate, dysteryldimethyl ammonium hectorite, cyclopentasiloxane, pOE, dimethicone copolymer, glycocyltrehalose, water starch deployant mixture solution, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben

how to use
Apply an appropriate amount and gently blend in after applying a lotion at night

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