Deep sea shark extract 372

Deep sea shark extract 372

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Product Details

Deep-sea shark extract is a deep-sea shark liver oil.The deep-sea shark liver lives in a harsh environment where neither light nor oxygen can reach. I will.
A 100% squalene product extracted from the liver oil of the shark that lives in the clean sea without applying heat. It includes squalene, vitamins, and various unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid. It is food.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

[Raw materials]
Squalene (manufactured in Japan), gelatin, glycerin

[Nutrition information] 6 grains of this product (
2.7g ) Medium heat: 17.7kcal
Protein: 0.70g
Lipid: 1.45g
Carbohydrate: 0.45g
Equivalent amount of salt: 0.0005g Squalene in 

6 grains (
2.7g ) of this product                                         : 1,800mg

Usage and dose
[How to eat] As a
dietary supplement, take 6 capsules daily as a guide, and divide into several doses and take with water.

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