DHC 60 shijimi we want to take every day

DHC 60 shijimi we want to take every day

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Product Details

Blessings of ingredients, tightly condensed
Containing a variety of amino acids

■ Concerned about eating habits
■ There are many opportunities to drink ■ Growing in the pure spring water of Hualien, Taiwan surrounded by rich nature that
wants to live a healthy life

Uses golden stains.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Shijimi extract powder (Shijimi extract, dextrin, corn starch), reduced maltose starch syrup, starch/cellulose, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide

[Nutrition information] Daily
: 3 tablets
900mg Calories...3.5kcal
Protein・・・0.17 g
Lipid・・・0.03 g
Carbohydrate・・・0.64 g
Salt equivalent・・・0.0005 g Wrinkle

extract powder・・・650 mg

○Amino acid content
per bag
Arginine・・・135 mg
Lysine・・・149 mg
Histidine・・・43 mg
Phenylalanine・・・86 mg
Tyrosine・・・75 mg
Leucine・・・150 mg
Isoleucine・・・85 mg
Methionine・・・56 mg
Valine・・・103 mg
mg Glycine・・・740 mg
Proline・・・71 mg
Glutamic acid...272
mg Serine...101 mg
Threonine ...114 mg
Aspartic acid...214 mg
Tryptophan...27 mg
Cystine...34 mg

Dosage and Dosage
[Estimated daily intake]
3 capsules per day

Keep the recommended daily amount and drink with water or lukewarm water, or chew as it is.

Dosage form/shape
Chewable tablet

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