DHC blood sugar fiber 20 days 20 capsules

DHC blood sugar fiber 20 days 20 capsules

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Ingredients ・ Quantity
・Decomposed guar gum
[Nutrition ingredients]
4.4g ) ・Energy 10.0kcal
・Protein 0 to 0.04g
・Lipid 0g, carbohydrate 3.33 to 4.4g (sugar 0 0.07 to 1.14 g, dietary fiber 3.26 g)
・Salt equivalent amount 0 to 0.03 g
[Functional ingredients]
・Guar gum degradation product (dietary fiber) 3 g
●Notification label (notification number: C11) For
this product As it contains guar gum breakdown products (dietary fiber), it moderates the absorption of sugar and suppresses the peak value of postprandial blood glucose.
It is useful for improving eating habits for those who are concerned about blood sugar level after eating.

Dosage and Dosage
[How to enjoy]
Please observe the recommended daily intake and dissolve it in your favorite drink.

Dosage form/shape

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